The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a blueprint for maintaining and enhancing the regional transportation system. The LRTP identifies roadway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and other improvements needed over the next 25 years. Developing the LRTP is a collaborative effort between the public, local governments, and state and federal partners.

Over the course of the study, the TPO will examine future transportation needs of the region and determine how to best address those needs. The LRTP includes a Needs Plan and a Cost Feasible Plan. The Needs Plan, as its name implies, is a plan that identifies all of the transportation projects necessary to meet future demands. The Needs Plan is reviewed and prioritized. The prioritized projects are included in the Cost Feasible Plan based on anticipated funding. Currently, forecasted revenues will not fund all identified projects.

2045 Long Range Transportation Plan Documents

2045 LRTP Scope of Work (Adopted, May 2020)
Adopted 2045 Goals & Objectives (February 2021)
Adopted 2045 Goals & Objectives Report (February 2021)
Adopted Evaluation Criteria Report (February 2021)
Area Profile & Existing Conditions Report
Draft Congestion Management Process Plan (April 2021)
Draft System Performance Report (April 2021)
Draft Financial Resources (April 2021)
Draft Financial Resources – New Page 24 (June 2021)
Draft Needs Plan Projects List (June 2021)
Draft Needs Plan Maps (June 2021)

Get Involved

The Okaloosa-Walton Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) public involvement team aims to achieve optimum engagement of the public when developing the Long Range Transportation Plan. Quality public participation is solicited early in the planning process and continues throughout the process, helping to avoid, minimize, and mitigate project impacts, while providing the best solutions. 

The TPO maintains public participation opportunities for impacted communities through a wide range of methods, including, but not limited to: