Florida-Alabama TPO Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan

A network of complete streets improves the safety, convenience, efficiency, and accessibility of the transportation system for all users. The TPO has a history of planning for complete streets that dates back well before the creation and popularity of the term. The 2005 Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan was centered on providing transportation choices by integrating bicycle and pedestrian facilities in transportation planning activities. The 2010 Bicycle Pedestrian Plan centered on identifying potential bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements and prioritizing them for future construction. In addition, the Florida Department of Transportation adopted the Complete Streets policy in September 2014, which promotes safety, quality of life, and economic development in Florida.

Given the many bicycle and pedestrian improvements over the past five years as well as the addition of the Complete Streets policy, the TPO will undertake an effort to incorporate the improvements and Complete Streets policy into an updated Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan. The ultimate goal of this plan is to develop a non-motorized system that addresses the needs of all users and encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation. By providing alternate modes of transportation, citizens benefit not only with their own physical health but increased prosperity for themselves and the community as a whole.

For more infromation, please contact Caitlin Cerame at 850-332-7976.

The purpose of the Florida-Alabama TPO Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan Update is to:

  • Develop a shared vision for all communities through public input.
  • Develop strategies that support integration of safe and well-connected pedestrian and bicycle networks into the overall transportation system.

2018 Florida-Alabama TPO Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan (without appendix) – (APPROVED, December 2018)

Florida-Alabama TPO Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan Story Map


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